Our Team


Life we see has multiple faces
Sometimes we are free,
Sometimes grabbed in invisible braces.
For happiness there is no guarantee,
But all we can do is look into different places.

Brainpreneur Team

We dreamt of a single roof,
Capturing all that you need.
We brought together a group
And sowed the seed.

We hope to have a new tomorrow,
We hope for a better way of life.
We got together to fight the sorrows,
And tap each other’s potential, to have a better climb.

Irrespective of place & strata, we want everyone to take the leap,
We work with compassion; we work with zeal.
We want others to understand that emotional, mental & social health is to keep,
We work for us and everyone around to let their true self reveal.

-Pallavi Mahajan

Our Team

The above lines depict what our team of experts are working towards – a life, a society where we live without any pretences, unnecessary self & societal pressures. A place and space to be ourselves, free and growing individually and together. Our team consists of different:

1. Doctors
2. Psychologists (clinical, rehab, child & adolescent)
3. Life coach
4. Career counsellors
5. Cognitive research scientist
6. Special educators
7. Physiotherapist
8. Occupational Therapist
9. Speech Therapists
10. Rehab Therapist
11. Experiential learning trainer
12. Teachers
13. Art trainers
14. Personality development trainer and many more …




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